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Charles Wolf's picture

New B&W Portrait what you guys think?

Hi guys, what you guys think?. I'm not really used to take black and white photos, so I'm giving a try here with this one, is nude shoot, hope to get some c&c. Thank you!

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Eddy Waddel's picture

Awesome bottom is a bit to dark..." No pun intended"

joseph cole's picture

Kind of at the extremes on the contrast scale if that’s what you are going for then great I just like to see all the detail her pose is ok but her eyes should be on camera drawing you in crop is nice and I like the soft feel

Phillip Breske's picture

Love the contrast. As a suggestion, try aiming your main light a little more toward the camera so you get less spill on the upper part of the background and more spill on the lower part. This will probably not too drastically change the light on your model, but it will change the gradient of the background light so it's darker at the top than the bottom. If you can get this, you'll have a nice dark-light-dark-light pattern from the top to the bottom of the image (background is dark, then her face is bright, then her back is dark, then the background is bright again). I agree her back is a little too dark. Maybe a reflector would have helped to bounce a little light into the shadows without ruining the nice contrast.

Tim Armstrong's picture

Would be interesting to see a tighter crop on just her face and upper body and some fill in light coming from the left just to take the 'edge' of the really black areas.

Ruth Carll's picture

Hi Charles, I think the shot is well done. The comments above about the bottom half being too dark is due in part because her face is so much lighter than the rest of her. If her face, right shoulder/hip/thigh were all a similar exposure, the rest would look great. My main issue is with her expression. I wish her mouth was closed as, with her hand on her chin, she looks confused - like she is trying to figure out what is going on up in the right corner. I agree with Joe that if she had just turned her face a little more toward the camera and looked down, this would be much more successful.

I think you are on the right track and hope you continue and post more!