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Evelyn Sinclair's picture

wanted to try one of em moody, cliche photos

i feel like the title is self explanatory

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Ruth Carll's picture

Hi Evelyn,

Overall this a nicely done. I've come back to look at it a couple of times to try a figure out why I'm not jumping in with a thumbs up. I think it is because of her eyes. I can't tell without expanding the image whether or not her eyes are open and therefore her expression is too ambiguous. I'd either like her to be doing a major stare into the camera or looking off your shoulder or down.

Still, nice work and i look forward to more!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Well, you got one of 'em, Evelyn! For me, the thing that bothers Ruth adds to an ambiguity that I quite like, with a stray wisp of hair obscuring each eye just a little.

Evelyn Sinclair's picture

Yeah, after sleeping on this and then waking up to look at it I've decided that was the issue with it. But currently trying to edit it out and not having luck since it is so close to her pupil that trying to clone stamp it is pulling from too many other patterns

Chris Jablonski's picture

Nah, leave it for another shot. I like the hair!

Gary Smith's picture

I like this photo a lot. Touch out the hair in her left eye (on the right int he photo) only. Perhaps catch lights in the eyes with a slight fill flash would have added that missing "something". And maybe placing her ever-so-slightly more off-center.