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Romancing the beach

Young lovers embrace whilst looking out to sea. What can be more romantic?

In case you're wondering, this is their reflection in the receding water as it leaves the beach.

Sincere critical feedback or comments in general welcomed from all.

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This one is really weird, Alan! Well-conceived and executed. I like it!

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Thanks Chris, that's kind of what I was looking for.

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I really like this one in BW Alan. Very dream-like, This composition has a wonderful but subtle depth created by the rays of light above the figures and the water ripples 'seemingly' fading into the background. The abstract figures are fantastic with just the right amount or ripple effect happening there. Masterful capture. The range of tones are very pleasing to the eye and serve the subject well.

Great work ~

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Thanks Joe, I'm always interested in hearing your in-depth analysis and understanding your personal experience.
I like it in B&W also, I think is asks more questions of the viewer and brings them into the image.

Know that I hold your opinion in high esteem.

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very nice