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Suggestion/comments are appreciated

Quick shot before hiking into the mist trail. Try to produce some contrast between the body shadow and the water steam from the falls.

Thanks for comments and suggestions!

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Even on a bright monitor, the shadow details are really difficult to see here. I like inky black shadows as much as the next guy, but I also want to see the hikers' gear, if only so they don't look like giant black blobs.

I used a slight Curves adjustment to boost the shadows a bit while also giving the background a more washed out look to enhance the misty appearance.

As far as composition, I would have stood further to the right (if that was possible) and maybe a few steps ahead to eliminate the tree branches from the foreground and get more of the terrain while waiting until the hikers were further along the path. Since I can't see their faces, I don't need them to be the main subject of the image and instead want to focus on the surroundings. (But keep them in the photo for scale!)