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College Wrestling

I was up in Troy NY on the 10th of Nov to see my step son wrestle. I've been taking pics of him and his teams wrestle for about 8 years now. It's a challenging sport to take pictures of but i think these turned out pretty good. Thoughts?

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I'd say the most challenging thing is finding a decent background. I like the intimacy of the second, but the crop is a little off. Maybe take a bit off the top?

The first has great composition and I especially like the way they look so light on their feet, but the people and chairs in the background. Ugh.

I like the lower angle on the third and the depth of field here helps by blurring some of the background, but I suppose that was mostly because those other elements are so far away from the action.

I would suggest blasting this kind of thing with the highest frame rate your camera can support and with your fastest, longest lens (85/1.4 or 70-210/2.8) to get the depth of field really shallow. The focus will be off in a lot of shots, but in the ones where the focus is perfect, you'll have a stronger photo without so much background distraction.

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Thanks Phillip. for the second picture, would you say this crop would work better?

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Yes. Much better. I’d still prefer to see more of the wrestler’s face, but this is big improvement.

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And you don't always have to use the original crop ratio. I'm not saying this is better, but it is a suggestion: