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Late night wanderings

I have recently been interested in exploring the city by night, looking for things or places that pique my imagination. I really like the idea of urban spaces that are apparantly devoid of human life or interaction.

This photograph is of the life-sized bronze artwork "Chapman's Homer" by Michael Parekowhai. The photo was taken late at night using ambient light, mainly from a single spotlight near the installation. It was a 90-second exposure at f/4.3 using a NiSi 10-stop ND filter. Some post-processing in Lightroom.

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Chris Jablonski's picture

Interesting photo, PK. If you hadn't said it was a sculpture, I'd be very puzzled, or wonder if it's a comp. I like your composition and rendering.

You don't say WHY you shot as you did. Did you want a long exposure to blur out people?

P K's picture

Chris, I think it was around midnight when I took the photo and there weren't too many people around. I first took several photos without a filter and the exposure was around 1 second but I felt that something was lacking. So I decided to 'slow down' by using the ND filter (90s wasn't really long enough exposure either) and then coax the light with some post processing - if that makes sense?

Yes, I most likely could have achieved the same without the ND filter, but I thought I'd give it a go and just see what happens.