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to tree, or not to tree....

… that is the question.

This is an image I posted to my profile, generating some discussion on whether it would be improved by removing the trees on the left. I originally kept as I feel they offer depth and balance, but of course I am now questioning that wisdom.

I'm wondering what the thoughts are of the community in general, and of course any feedback/critique of either version is always appreciated.


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Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Alan. Interaction continues. Am standing by what said earlier. I vote for the 2nd image without left patch. your "usual" horizontals adds.

Joe Svelnys's picture

This is a fundamental question I struggle with quite a bit myself; to include, or not include...

I can see both sides of the struggle here with the first offering depth and an anchor, but the second image is just as strong not having it.

Personally, I like the second one more then the first; it's cleaner and I feel it could be any lake, anywhere in the world; the subject is clearly the boat supported by the water, hills,clouds and lighting.

If the trees on the left were a bit more, an old interesting solo tree, or a cabin, there would be more story - or - perhaps if there were also trees like these on both sides of the frame.

Being nondescript trees just poking into the frame they do feel a bit out of place. My thoughts go to those old 70s/80s photos where the person with the camera would also get the tips of their fingers in shots. I know that isn't the case here and it was done with purpose.

Just my thoguht's of course. Nothing more. It is an amazing scene.

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Thanks for being willing to comment Joe. No opinion is wrong (by definition can't be....) and all are equally valuable.
Your feedback is certainly helpful.

Phillip Breske's picture

To me, the water looks "bigger" in the shot without the trees. I feel like the viewer is rooted firmly onshore, so the trees don't need to be there to provide a sense of the boat's proximity to shore. In fact, the trees lessen the impact of the wide open body of water.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Phillip, your viewpoint is always appreciated.

Definitely the 2nd one. The trees are distracting.