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The start

I took this photo in my village. I capture moments that remind me of eternity.
Ову фотографију сам снимио у моме селу.Хватак тренутке који ме подсјећају на вјечност.Тако мислим да се и на овој фотограији вјечност препознаје.

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Chris Jablonski's picture

Both images really appeal to me, Goran. I've commented on the first in your portfolio. I like the simplicity in the second, with just a few features creating interest and keeping my eye moving enjoyably around the image - the criss-crossing foreground diagonals of the shadows and ruts, the contrasting, fine texture of the treeline, and finally that rather dramatic sky.

The deep shadows and darkish sky give both images a strength and a certain low-key dramatic quality, as if hinting at some story. They really resonate with me. Great job!

Your familiarity with the local area gives your images more soul and character than the myriad spectacular stitched/HDR/focus-stacked vistas of Iceland and other exotic destinations that pepper Fstoppers.

Keep posting!

Goran Avramovic's picture

I'm trying to take the time. Photography is something that works best. Thanks for the comment.
Pokušavam zaoustaviti vreme.Fotografija je nešto što to najbolje radi.
Hvala za komentar.