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Przemek Lodej's picture

Young artist

A candid shot of my Godson at the Detroit Institute of Arts. I took this a while ago, but it got lost somewhere on my drive. Thoughts?

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Broken Canon Art & Photography's picture

The composition is spot on, but personally I do not like the brown tone to the image. Perhaps you could change to the more common black & white as to allow others to see the difference.

darin gabbert's picture

I also love the composition. I am not bothered about the tone, it gives it a slightly antique feel; which complements the antiquarian nature of the setting.

Gus FA's picture

like the composition and the great work with light, but I think this work in B&W would be more attractive to the viewer, but this is a matter of taste

Phillip Breske's picture

I like the composition, but the light rays are a bit overdone. The first thing I thought was, "That is one dusty museum." Also, the rays don't align with the real world highlights on the floor, which tends to draw out the post-processing effect.