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Dennis de Geest's picture

What style?

Hi, i'm new to photography and enjoy it a lot. I take mostly black and white pictures but can't figure out what style it is. Landscape? Experimental? Fine art? Crap?

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Joe Svelnys's picture

I'd say you have a mixed bag here ranging from Structural / Architectural, to Landscapes, and a Portrait.

I, personally, especially like the final image of the person walking down the road.

Alan Brown's picture

Yes, quite a mix of styles. That's the joy of being new to photography - everything is both interesting and exciting.

I think it takes time to develop and understand your 'style'. My own grew organically, and from a realization that images that continued to be my favorites over the years tended to have similar qualities.

Keep shooting everything you love and allow your style to evolve - you certainly have a good eye so keep experimenting.

Timothy Turner's picture

I like the diversity of your photography, my favorites are the view of the lake, it has a foggy moody feel to it, and the bicycle handle bar, it to me is a strong yet simple image of a subject that many including my self would over look.

Alan Brown's picture

Just a couple of constructive comments on these two images.
I am drawn to the lake image also, but it feels unbalanced. All of the visual weight and interest is on the right side of the frame. I feel this would benefit from something dark in the water, lower left, like a rock. That would help the eye travel across the frame.

Interestingly I fell that the bicycle shot works for the same reason- the out of focus twig on the left acts as a counterweight to the handlebars. I thing if this were removed (you could test in Most photo editors) the image would not be so strong.

Dennis de Geest's picture

You're all too kind. This is motivating. Thank you

Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Dennis. All interesting compositions. enjoying your quest of seeing things in different possibilities. looking forward for more. cheers.