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Fine Art Architecture

Here's my images, would be great to know if you enjoy these

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I think these are all great, David! Very dramatic, with strong composition and beautiful tonalities in each case. Your whole portfolio is of the same high standard. Well done. Can't think of any CC, although as your "fine art" designation suggests, this is obviously not the only way the subjects could be presented or the images processed.

thanks very much for taking the time to feedback and see my portfolio, very happy you like them :-)

Just terrific!! I love this sort of architectural work. I just started fooling around with this sort of processing. I have a LOT to learn.

thanks David and good luck with it, takes a lot of practice so keep at it

Very nicely done David. Was Joel Tjintjelaar an influence on this body of work? In your second image, my eyes were drawn immediately to the color contrast against the charcoal tones. Very strong and effective use of that technique. But your 4th image, the moody walkway along what my eye interprets to be a seawall in fog, is my favorite here.

Hey man, yes JT was the reason I set out doing these types of images, Michael Kenna was who set me off knowing what style I wanted to do but JT's tutorials gave me a start in understanding how to achieve it. Thanks for the feedback, the 4th image is from Scarborough in the UK, taken on a very rainy morning, around 6am, I got soaked and I'm surprised the camera worked afterwards.

It would be interesting to us all, I'm sure, David, if you were prepared to post the original SOOC file of the images for comparison. I understand completely if you're unwilling to do so.

In case you don't know already, as the original poster you can edit the left side of this page, adding images, deleting them or changing the text. Just bear in mind that some of the existing comments may not appear to make sense if you change the images without alluding to this in the text.

I'm left curious whether for instance the images were all moody and dark, as if taken at twilight - as the second certiainly appears to be - or in cloudy, dark weather, or whether instead you create the "look' from scratch. I've learned about the mutltiplicity of paths to photogaphic creativity, and sometimes wonder if people arrive at broadly similar final results from very different beginnings.

Your work calls to my mind Micheal Kenna's, although his is much grittier in style generally. Yours has an equally beautiful liquidity. Kenna is one of my favourites, and quite an inspiration to me. Curious what you think of his work, if you know it.

Hey Chris, thanks so much for your nice comments, really happy to hear you enjoy them and amazed to be mentioned in the same bracket as MK. Obviously nowhere near him in terms of achievement, talent and influence but there are similarities in style yet I think there's enough difference to say I'm doing 'his' style. No problem at all showing you the before, here's the totally unedited RAW from the image you mentioned.

Chris Jablonski checking you saw my response with the SOOC

These are absolutely magnificent! A nice combination of abstract elements in realistic scenes.

thanks so much man, appreciate you taking the time to comment and glad you enjoyed them

Stunning is a term I would use. Where is the building in number 5 with the gold dome. That image with the beautiful gold tome is fantastic!

hey JG, thank you very much!! The gold dome building is in Valencia spain

Superb! Love them all!

really happy you like them David Brophy