Denver Colorado. If I would have read more carefully I would have seen I could upload more than one photo per...


Winter Combat series, women's class Aztec Family raceway Colorado Springs

Practice makes perfect

Aztec Family raceway Colorado Springs

The faster the better.

Racing out at High Plains track.

Garden of the Gods in the morning

Colorado Springs park up against the mountains

Third wheel Christmas shopping

Around Christmas on 16th Street Mall in Denver Colorado

Road to nowhere

Near Larkspur looking towards Colorado Springs.

Astro photography out east.

Out east near Calhan Painted mines parking lot my first astro shot. I was going to shoot some rocks for foreground but...

Meet Up?

Is anybody interested in meeting up and shooting some Landscapes or Astro?

Welcome to the Colorado Collective!

Hi everyone, I created this group for all of us photographers lucky enough to live and work in the beautiful state of...