Still Waters Solitary Tree

Difficult shot to master and many who have seen this images, claim it can't be done. Without giving my secret away,...

Devil's Garden Hoodoos. On Hole in The Rock Road.

The location is about 25 miles south of Utah Highway 12: This is a wonderful place...

Heart Lake Bench

A flooded lake, Heart Lake, with a partial thin layer of ice created "layers" of texture on the lake. I've printed this...

Japanese Garden

Color version was to psychedelic.Botanical garden Montreal

Sante Fe Wonders

Although it has only been a month since visiting New Mexico it seems like so much more. I fell in love with the sights...
Last: November 23, 2019

Stand here and Listen to the sea calling

made a quick stop at a beach in PR and walked passed this on way back to the car ... it looked interesting enough for a...

To Late

Paddington - Good old iPhone cam

Frisco Pier

Frisco Pier near Cape Hatteras in North Carolina.

The Dark Beauty / Dream series

long exposure series in Turkey's Black Sea coast.
Last: November 20, 2019

Best perspective

This tranquil scene of the flooded Thames provides good detail of the tree trunk and canopy structure. Could the...

Are these worthy of being called fine art?

Just a couple of shots from my recent trip to Canada. Opinions welcome.
Last: October 29, 2019

Guys, I need your help.

I'm not doing B&W too often, to be honest, and even more rarely with landscapes. But this scene asked for it in...
Last: August 7, 2019

Time & Tide

A long exposure shot of Mumbles Head in South Wales.

Arches National Park

Our first family vacation took us through Moab, Utah, and Arches National Park. I could have spent weeks here and one...

Wiamea Canyon

Yes a tiny Grand Canyon in the island of Kauai :-) Aloha!!!! This pano is made up of 14 images merged

View to Eternity

I loved the German countryside. That is where my interest in photography blossomed. Before I retired from the Air Force...

ROCK Beach

Inviting Critical Comments