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Compositing I did for a photographic exhibition "everything is possible", of which I am a photographer and responsible for the team of photographers. Involvable (https://www.invulnerables.org) In the year 2014, Sor Lucía Caram proposes, from the Fundació Rosa Oriol to the Government of the Generalitat, to set up a pilot program at the level of Catalonia to work for the equal opportunity of families and of all the children and youth of ours countries that are in a situation of poverty or risk of social exclusion.

Since "la Caixa" Welfare Projects, aware of the growing problem of the situation of poverty, launched the CaixaProinfància program in 2007; a program designed to promote the socio-educational development of children in situations of poverty from a comprehensive care approach. From CaixaProinfancia, together with the social entities that collaborate in the territory, responsible for applying the methodology for integral development, work is done so that minors in situations of poverty or exclusion have the same opportunities as the rest of minors. The CaixaProinfància program, aware of Sor Lucia Caram's proposal, added the project by contributing its portfolio of resources. From the same Welfare Projects, the Incorpora program has also been added, which collaborates with everything that refers to job placement.

Next, the FC Barcelona Foundation, did not hesitate to join the initiative and, as a referent in many ways, collaborates by contributing the programs of its Foundation to the territories #INVULNERABLE.

We have now presented this photographic exhibition to show the program through the children's protagonists face, showing a positive and happy vision.

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These are amazing!