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Nature will reply back.

Made from 5 different photos :)

"Nature will reply back". We poison the nature, we use it, we destroy it, we kill plants and animals without thinking that maybe one day nature will reply back.
It is very sad for me to see what the mankind does to the environment. So this photo represents my thoughts about this topic. I asked myself a question what if one day we would no longer be the smartest on this planet and what if the nature would take the course in it's own hands. And what if the nature would be killing humans and not visa versa as it is happening now.
Some parts of the body had to be blurred.

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I like the concept and how it pulls together, but it's dark enough that I find it hard to see as much of what's going on. I have to really stare to try to see, and I think I'm missing a lot of your hard work as a result.

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Thank you for your feedback! It is very strange, on my screen the picture looks perfect and not too dark. But I have heard it a few times already about my photos. So it must be my screen which shows photos too bright. Do you maybe have any idea how to fix it? I have used the spider to calibrate it already, but it looks like that it didn't solve the problem.

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I'm not familiar with the color calibration tools that I've seen professionals post about, but I'm guessing that might help. I'm sorry I can't be more help.

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No problem. Thank you for your reply anyway :)

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you may try a couple of things to battle this darkness issue.
One, just open two browser pages on your screen: one with your photo, another with some typical "normal brightness" photo from Fstoppers galleries. Then, adjust brightness and contrast settings of you monitor till the "normal" picture begins getting too dark. You will see that your image will be way too dark then. Adjust monitor for good viewing of typical images and keep it that way when editing your photos.

Second, you want to be checking a histogram of your image in Photoshop. You can pull it from Image:Adjustments:Curves menu. You should see your histogram span entire range, not garther at the dark end. If it is - adjust white point (light end of the curve).