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What do you see in the mirror?

A mental illness is one of the most debilitating things life can throw at you. For me is stops me working, to the point where I don't look after myself, and so seeing my reflection isn't ever a positive experience. This image was pretty cathartic to create.

Of course I'd love to hear some CC's and thoughts on execution. I know my photography isn't the best, and neither is my retouching skills. I definitely want to improve.

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Love the concept and the resulting image!

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This is an interesting idea and execution that you are exploring!

CC: I feel the focal point of the image is the eyes of the reflection. I would zoom in and focus camera on the eyes. Zooming will also remove much of the room detail, which is not needed for the conceptual image. Turning it to BW may also help because color is completely irrelevant for expressing your image idea.

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I like the idea and the result a lot!