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Lately I've been focussing on mental health issues in my conceptual work. It's a topic that feels ripe for inspiration, and recently a member of my family has been going through some incredibly rough times due to their mental illness. This image is an exploration of that sinking and drowning feeling that is associated with depression and anxiety.

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This is great! I like the colors you chose, and how the edge of the tub has the flecks and grime. Great details there. I'm guessing the arms are the model's, replicated? Really powerful image - I hope to get to this level of skill and vision.

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Those are very kind words. Thank you!

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Love this

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Great job! Only thing that I would change if it were me would be the color of the hands. I would have gone for dark blue or even grey/black. Excellent representation though. Keep it up!

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I like this image a lot. The composition is great, love the colors. Id'e like to see a little more darkness on the bottom of the two arms on the middle left. Great job!