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"The light beyond the clouds" Composite+Prop.

Looking to hear your thoughts on this conceptual photo, I shot recently. It was created with a combination of composite work and prop building, all parts of the composite were shot in the same very cold 1 hour session at the end of the day.

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robertc's picture

I really like the idea of this shot. This is pretty cool.

1)The green hue on the top of the cloud seems out of place, as does the over exposure of that portion of the prop.
2) The sky in the background gives the impression that it's a part of the cloud photo and has been dropped into the image as a layer without any blending. I know it's not, but first impression makes me look at it twice and then I realize it's the hill top in the background creating the line.
3) I think this image would do really well in a different location with a slightly brighter sky in the background, and a more evenly lit cloud prop.

Overall, this is an excellent attempt. Keep up the good work. If you decide to re-shoot this, I would love to see the final result.

Dillon Vance's picture

Thank you for the Critque Robert! I agree with everything you said! I am going to hop into photoshop and see if I cant change a few things around!

wesjones's picture

Nice shot! At the risk of showing my age, this photo immediately brought to mind the Outer Limits episode "It Crawled out of the Woodwork". Cheers!