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learning about lighting and playing with photoshop

Recently saw some pictures where the photographer used model (toy) cars and edited them to look like real cars. Living in Wisconsin and wanting to avoid the cold at all costs I thought this would be a fun project / experiment. Really enjoyed learning about lighting and controlling highlights. This was my first time ever using photoshop, so everything was very new to me. Let me know what you think. What can I do to make it look better or more realistic?


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First time using photoshop!? Good work! You've got the good skills. A few things I would say:
- The highlights on the car are white light but the source lights are the strip lights above which are very yellow. You could possibly fix this in white balance.
-The shadows in the background scene are blue/green. It would be nice if these colours were visible in the cars shadows. Possibly a blue green layer and toy around with Blend If and other blend modes to see what works.
-The headlights are a great first effort but I don't fully buy them. The beam is nice but the actual light fitting seems understated. I think there should more light coming off it. It also is a cool opportunity to put in some cool lens flares and stuff if you're that way inclined.
-There's also something weird going on in the bottom left hand corner of frame. That is the one thing that absolutely needs to be fixed.

Top job overall.

Thanks for the feedback! Didn't even notice that issue in the corner but will definitely be fixing that. Sometimes after looking at an image for too long while editing you can become oblivious to certain details.