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Steampunk Composite with Making of Video

I didn't intend for this one to be a composite when I was shooting but when I sat down to edit a plain black backdrop didn't seem enough.


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Rob Lindsay's picture

An amazing construction! I wish the model's pose and emotion fit the rest of the picture better. More drama, more action, possibly?

Sure, I get what you're saying. I didn't actually take the shot with the intention of creating a composite. it was a day where I was shooting 20 models in whatever they wanted to turn up in and then do some paper backdrop edits for them. One of them though turned up in a steampunk costume, and how often does that happen, so I knew I needed to use it. Personally I quite like the pose and expression. Looks comfrotable and in charge and confident to me. Though, yeah, not dramatic or interacting with the scene at all.