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Last Man

This is a composite.. shot my model at the studio with a 4 light setup... the Background is a mix of different photos and digital art painting... the fog / smoke was created also part in the studio (real smoke) and also adding some stock smoke images...
Have to say that I used a technique that Macro photographers do a lot.. is focus stacking... 20 individual photos to do the soldier final image.... because guess what... Is a toy (scaled figure)
Hope you like it.

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Tihomir Lazarov's picture

Looks very realistic.

Felix Hernandez's picture

Yes Tihormir.... The quality and detail on this "toys" is amazing... plus the lightong setup and taking them with focus stacking technique gives them even more realistic look!

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

Your lighting setup is also good in terms of believability of the scene.

Jimmie Weidemann's picture

like the mood, nice job

STEVE SLATE's picture

Did this as part of a personal project. It turned into a paying job. He's the 4th winningest HS football coach in the state of Texas History... pretty cool. Shot in a class room at his school.