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"Catching the train"

From a story in 29 pictures. One of my personal favorite scenes. The girl was photographed jumping on my gear case. Everything else was photographed separately — train, mountains, buildings, station, column.

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Very well done...I love the storytelling! The one thing I would have done myself is removing the brownish reflections on the train windows. Other than that tiny detail , it really is great! :)

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Actually Ive drawn them by hand to look like there are people inside (this was a museum train placed in a well lit location). Maybe that wasn't the best drawing I've made though :)

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I could be wrong ( I often am!), but I thought the warm color refracting through the windows was the low sun in the sky. I would love to see the pieces used to create this piece. Great Job!

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Here's a video I've just created with most of the photoshop layers displayed one by one:

Aftab Asghar's picture

Nicely Done.

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I'm glad you like it Aftab