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Something Basic

Hey everyone. I don't view myself as a compositor, but I just wanted a sky that did the subject justice. What are your thoughts on how to improve? These will hit the blog for a project I"m working on in about a month. Thanks

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Something doesn't seem quite right. I think the clouds may be too blurry. I also prefer the sky color in the original. The gray seems a little too dark for a happy farmer

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Great. Thanks Lee. i appreciate the feedback and I"ll keep the original.

I don't mind the clouds. I just think to look realistic they need to match the DOF and you could have a happier blue color.

I think that the problem is that the new sky image was taken on a very different hour. Note how the original sky is bright on the horizon and the new sky is brighter on top.
It can be fixed in Photoshop by using a gradient tool to brighter the new sky at the horizon and darker it on top.