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Beat the Heat

Here is the new version of the photo, after I received some suggestions from @Joe Watson


Wish to hear some comments on my latest composite photo. Thanks :)

- Enjoying the Summer -

Whenever I go outside, I imagine myself like this. Laying down on a cube of ice. For me this is the hottest summer I've ever lived in UAE. So let's all beat the heat ☀

(The photo is taken in UAE, Dubai, where the temperature exceeds 50 degrees celsius in summer)

It is a composite self portrait photo, I took a photo of myself lying down on a white background in the studio. Then I combined the three different photos, me, ice cube, and the desert, all in photoshop.

Hope you like it :)

-- And this was the previous version -- (click on the link)


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Joe Watson's picture

Hey Nasser, good work. Love the concept, I think my main observation is the ice.
It took me a few seconds to work out it was actually meant to be ice. If you look at images of blocks of ice they have cracks and imperfections... reckon it might work if you exaggerated the ice a little, perhaps add a few chipped off pieces lying around and more dry ice? Just my thoughts man.

Nasser Ali's picture

Maaan! Really really thank you for your comment. Will try to play with it again and make it more realistic. Appreciate your time and comment :) And yeah the idea of adding some small pieces of ice around the scene is so great, never came to my mind!! Thanks Joe!

Joe Watson's picture

No worries my man. You could even go all out and make it more of a glacier :)

Nasser Ali's picture

Check it out now .. and please tell me what do you think :) :) Thanks again.

Garry Neesam's picture

can I say "cool!"

Nasser Ali's picture

Thanks so much, glad you like it. I edited it more check the last version of it above :)

Joe Watson's picture

Yes!!!! Virtual high five!