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Nik software and friends

Hello eveyone! Last week I've bought the course "Photographing the world" of Elia Locardi and I've been discovering so many cool things about post production! In fact I think I will re-process some of my old pictures.

At the moment I've always used Lightroom and Photoshop for some advanced editing. But I've noticed that Elia uses so many times the Nik plugins. I've already heard about them before, but honestly I've always ignored their importance.

Aside Nik software, there are other products that I know. I mean, I know they exist :-) (e.g.. Topaz, OnOne, etc.) So now I'm a bit confused about them. Are all these software similar but from different brands? O are they complementary products you can use during pp?

I'm not a pro PS user, but I've always read that you can virtually do whatever you want with it. So, what can you do with these other products you can't do with Photoshop? (Or Lightroom). Is it just a way to simplify the post-processing process?

My very last question: can I use these plugins during the PS in a non-destructive way? I mean, If I apply some Nik filters in a new layer, can I make some adjustments on it whenever I want?

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I've only used PS and Lightroom, so I can't give you specifics on the other programs. For the most part, these programs give you the manipulation of Lightroom with a little PS. I would suggest reading my article on alternatives to PS, which talks about some of these programs http://jeffcolburn.com/article-10-Alternatives-To-Adobe-Photoshop-Lightr...

Have Fun,

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Hi Jeff,
thank you for your response. I read the article, but I think it's more oriented to alternatives to Photoshop. I was wondering how can be better working with Lightroom/Photoshop and other plugins like Nik software.