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Self-portrait from a tiny living room

Out of sheer desperation to create, I've forced myself in front of the camera and crafted this image using two cheap speed lights with a softbox and large umbrella. The background was added in post. Would love to hear what you think!

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Pure awesomeness!

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Thank you so so much, Janos :) Köszönöm szépen ^^

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Unfortunately, it seems that the person (@Broken Canyon Art & Photography) who has left a rather useless comment has disappeared into nothingness. Let me respond to the comment nevertheless.

1) The pose serves a very particular purpose. I'm sorry, if you didn't quite comprehend that. This image is not meant to be a classical portraiture. So I'm not sure what you mean by "these types of shots". I wonder what your assumption was then, what type of shot is it? Should you not wish to look up my nose, then my all means, please don't, but also don't assume your opinion or aesthetic is the only right and correct one. 2) Not sure if you have looked at any fantasy images yet, please before you comment next time, do some research.

Please, also learn to use language in a more kind, tactful, and constructive way. This is a place for constructive feedback. Professional input is very welcome. This kind of tactless bashing is not.

A good day to you.