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Environmental Portrait in Lancaster, PA

It was initially suppose to be a fashion shot. As the pose and facial expression doesn't give that vibe I decided to still edit it and use it more of a portrait. This shot just reminds of portraits shot for cast members for TV shows. Just the mood, pose, expression sells a character. By looking at this image it is selling the idea of a character such as a business owner, or even lawyer (if the wardrobe wasn't red). What you guys think?

Specifically shot around The Lancaster Central Market in Lancaster, PA

Canon 6D
Tamron 70-200 2.8
YN600 with TTL and YN622s triggers with modifier Lastolite 30x30 softbox

More Exif -

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It's a good image. i agree, the feel is a little stiff.

When doing fashion shoots particularly, the most important thing is the model. She is what sells the photo. I presume this is the best photo from the shoot and she is not in the moment, she's flat, stiff etc. You need to work on communication skills with inexperienced models to get the shots you want or work with models who know that to do and get a higher yield of shots.

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I think this was a test shot for the lighting and decided it can work very well as a portrait, not a fashion portrait but a portrait. It reminded me of portraits for cast members sometimes featured in TV guide too.