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3m reflective material

Good Afternoon guys
Im an amateur photographer and I've been asked to shoot a new line of clothes that incorporate 3M (reflective material) into there clothes. Can someone assist me on lighting techniques in studio that will make the 3m shine like below?

I have been able to achieve it using my iphone , because i notice the flash from the iphone shines the flash before the picture is taken ( see example of iphone photo). Is there a particular way I can achieve that with my DSLR and strobelights

link 1: http://i.imgur.com/EspOpse.jpg
link 2: http://paome.s3.amazonaws.com/customer_313883761_avatar.jpg

Thank you guys

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I think that if i wear to tackle shooting this type of material and to get that sort of glow would be to use a very hard light, where the angle of reflection would come back to the camera (exactly like your iphone light produces). So maybe looking at different reflectors with grids on them might be a good place to start. I can see you really having to fine tune your lighting as you will completely blow out the material very easy with this lighting (ex. it the model changes poses). as for the type of effect, I can only think of UV flash being able to add to the reflectivity of the material (I know they use it for a lot of white on white lingerie shoot to bring out the lingerie more). Maybe even a Stroboscopic option might bring you closer to that look or a long exposure with multiple flashes might work too.