Blade Runner inspired portraits

ISO 100, ƒ4, 1/320

Having recently seen Blade Runner 2049, I was very smitten by its look and feel, plus I had these gels I bought a year ago but never got around to play with so wanted to learn how to use them. We had a winter coat with a collar that we just popped up (like Ryan Gosling in the movie), and we combed Megan's hair back and added some wax to get an even more futuristic look (like Robin Wright).

if you want to know more, I actually wrote up a little tutorial, from concept to final image:
lmk what you think!

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Jim Fisher's picture

I definitely like the first one the most. The contrast between the two sides of her face is really intriguing; it almost looks as if we're seeing two different faces blended into one, and it's a very cool effect. If I would do anything to try to improve upon this shot, I'd smooth the skin on the right side just a marginal amount, to bring it closer to the smoothness of the left. I think this would help bring the 'two faces' together more, aesthetically. I hope that makes sense.

This is a fantastic shot. Great work!

thats great feedback Jim, thanks!
Getting better at retouch is the highest on my learning to do list—just a bit hard to know where to start! such a big subject :)

Robert Nurse's picture

I like the first and last one photos! Nice work. I've always wanted to try gelled lighting and wondered how to combine them with softboxes. What you did was pretty novel. But, are they in contact with the strobe's glass dome? Was that a concern at all?

Yeah I heard if you use cheap gels with powerful lights it can melt the gel and ruin the glass.. as an alternative you can attach the gel to the inside of the softbox instead of on the bulb.

Greg Desiatov's picture

I think you captured the feel of Blade Runner 2049 really well with the images.

I definitely do prefer the tones of the first image

Well done!