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Harleyquin Spin

Creating our own little spin on the Harleyquin character.

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Diko Jelev's picture

Lovely. Quite an interesting PoV. Bravo!

James Brown's picture

Thank you! Always fun to try :)

Studio 403's picture

out of sight, killed it

James Brown's picture

Oh wow. I will pass that on to the model. It was her job to put the look together. I just did the light and added the violin (featured in other shots)

Ray van der Minnen's picture

Beautifully done, love the mood of the scene.

James Brown's picture

Thanks Ray! Her look. I only decided on backdrop to hide the fact we were in a dining room and the light, which was my inspiration for this series. (Shots of Clowns/muses with one or two lights)

Greg Desiatov's picture

Very cool!!!