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Sharing Some Recent Work

In this particular image I use a 2m Octagonal Softbox on a boom facing directly down on the model.

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Great image! I love the pose and the lighting. I'm curious about her hair, it appears to be fairly long and my eyes are drawn to it. I can't help but wonder how the image would look, if her hair was allowed to flow down the side of the box. Or if the hair was moved to the other side, so not so noticeable.

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Thanks Sean,

Yeah, you're right about the hair. It is quite long. Zia is an aerialist and we shot some ribbon work before we did the nudes and that's why she had her hair up in that particular style. She did let loose her hair a bit later in the shoot but we had already completed the nude section.

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Like the strong shapes the model is creating on the boxes. Sean makes a good point with the hair.