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New upload for review - Kodak moment

This is a reflection taken in wet sand of one of those blue sky beach days. I has positioned myself at that spot with the hope of capturing suitable reflections. Luckily this couple walked through and stopped in the perfect position as the wife took a picture of the shoreline

I have pushed this quite bit to enhance the abstract nature of the image and would love to elicit sincere feedback.
- what do you like/dislike?
- how do you feel the image may be improved?

I'm interested in what others see and think - there are nor wrong answers out there so please feel safe with any comments (all are received as gifts).

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Ruth Carll's picture

I love this Alan! I've posted a few reverse reflections myself and I really like the way the water distorts the colors and shapes of the image.

i have three suggestions for this image. The first is that, if you have the space on either side, I would shift them out of center. I think it would help the abstract nature. The second is that, if the blues can saturate and/or darken a bit, I think it would add some richness to the image. Lastly, I would definitely get rid of their feet. Commit to the abstract my friend and ditch the point of reference! I'd love to see you add a crop without the feet to the original post. I may be off base but for me, they pull me right out of the abstract enjoyment zone!

For alternative ideas (in the 'experimental' facet of the group) just for fun and not with any relation to the original, I would play with the colors in a crazy way - invert them, swing out the curves, etc. just to see if there is a cool abstract in here that is less related to the source. Again - this is just for fun.

Love where you are headed with this!

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Thanks as always for your thoughtful response and suggestions Ruth.

I like to challenge the viewer but allow references back to reality in my abstracts (hence the feet) to create that 'Ah Ha' discovery.
I appreciate where you are coming from and this is definitely something I could play with more as you suggest.

There are so many creative minds out there - I'd love to open this up and hear constructive feedback from others.

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I love the Ah ha goal Alan! It works as I did have that thought!


This group is having a little slump I think. Lot's of posting and little commenting. Not sure what to do about that. i always appreciate your participation and feedback. I hope you get some more here! Need balance for my crazy ideas! LOL