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lakeside view - new ICM group announcement

Here's a slightly different ICM technique I've been trying to deconstruct. It involves moving the camera not as the image is being shot but in between multiple images as the position is changed. Pioneered by Pep Ventosa this technique can involve 30-40 images taken as the camera moves around the subject, then layers blended in Photoshop.

This image comprises of 12 shots (limited as I don't want to overburden myself whilst figuring out techniques) and I think is a decent start.

I'd love to hear feedback. I personally like the effect and view it as another option to consider.

New ICM group
For those interested in ICM, I was excited to discover that Stephanie Johnson has created a new group devoted to the subject. As there has been a lot of interest in ICM in this group I think having a dedicated group is great for great for gaining inspiration and sharing ideas and results

ICM offers so many creative opportunities, I'm hoping others have an eagerness to learn and share.

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Awsome !
You actually painted a tree with your camera, I really like how it came out.

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Thanks Ian. The effect may not be for all but it is something I am enjoying.

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Very like the Pointillist painting of Seurat and Signac. I like the end product but wonder if a filter in lightroom or similar would produce the same effect. I understand the creative process may be the art and not the end product - look forward to seeing some more.

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Thanks Mike. There may be a filter/plug in available to some product (I'm not aware for LR) but the process is good because you have so much control over what is displayed through each layer.

I plan to do more as I learn the technique, and to include more of the effect into the background.

At the end of the day it's a fun and rewarding process to go through.

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Proves the point I guess. The creative process is the reward and just applying a filter may not have the same effect as you don't learn or understand what goes into the finished piece. Nice to hear someone wants to do the work and experiment rather than just hit a button and publish.

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I love this. Never thought of trying this technique this way. Can't wait to try it for my self!

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Sounds great Kyle, and thanks for the thumbs up. I look forward to see what others come up with.

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I have been experimenting with Image Making for 20 years, but only fleetingly thought of ICM, I have got into CGI and Digital Fractal Art - see the Alternative Imaging Group - but the potential of ICM is huge. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. I love your tree, the look is a mixture of identification and abstract. The sort of trance my daughters say I am in all the time. Thank you. I will follow your work with a real interest. Peter Hewlett from the Outback of Tasmania, Australia

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Thanks Peter. I am really just getting more involved in ICM myself so it's great to hear of your appreciation..

You may be interested in a blog entry I have on my site - this has links to inspirations (see Pep Ventosa for the tree effect), and/or perhaps the project I have started for myself (where I include trial images/details);

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I'm really loving the Ventosa images you're creating, Alan, and looking forward to seeing how your vision evolves as you do more work with it!

I love how Mike pointed out the Pointillist nature of the image, and I think it could also easily fall into the category of Impressionistic, as well.

One of the things I really like about this technique is the softness and texture it creates. :) I definitely need to find a nice tree and try my hand with this technique. :)

Really beautiful work, Alan.

And thank you so much for sharing the information about the new ICM group here on Fstoppers. It has already grown to 12 members. I've announced it on both my personal and photography FB pages, as well as on IG, so hopefully it will gain some traction and grow even more! :)