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Alan Brown's picture

ICM - mountain flow

Just another ICM image - in this one I tried to follow the lines of the distant mountains as the shutter was released, which I think gives an interesting effect.

The foreground is a local lake.

As always, sincere feedback/critique is welcomed.

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Ruth Carll's picture

Beautiful work Alan. Love the color. Very successful use of this technique too.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Ruth - I actually like this one myself too (looks great in print).

Alan Brown's picture

What a treat - this has been selected as an 'Editor's Pick' on Fstoppers for today. Hopefully not the last.......

Ruth Carll's picture

Yyyeeeeaaa! That is awesome! Is this your first one? I would guess no. But this is well deserved!! I'm happy for you and for getting our group on the board again!!

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Ruth. There are many others 'on the cutting room floor'. This is definitely a technique that requires a lot of experimentation and persistence.

Ralph Rackstraw's picture

Hi Alan. Wow I love this photo. you have inspired me - so can I ask.....
Typically what shutter speed is this?
I love the style you have followed the hills...but how did you keep the lake ICM so horizontal? (perhaps it is a composition of two photos?)
Thanks in advance

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Ralph, your words are so motivational. This is a single image. I don’t have the details in front of me at this point but I believe the exposure was in the 1/15th second range.

I tried various techniques - this may have been one that I held as the shutter was released (to imprint base image) prior to the movement.
I think if you look closely the movement is visible in the highlights on the water.

Alan Brown's picture

Btw - I m sure I had to straighten the image in post. My recommendation is to allow plenty of room for cropping as you take the image.

Thomas Roscoe's picture

Come to this group due to a reccomendation from Ruth and this picture caught my eye. Im a begginer at photography and actually had to quick google search ICM. It looks really effective. My question is, with ICM what is the focus point or is it just at infinity or does it not matter at all due to the end product.?? Love the picture

Alan Brown's picture

Hi Thomas. Thanks for the kind comment.

For these types of images I would still typically focus on the primary subject, it may not make a large difference bit I still like the idea of it helping to define form.

I am still trying to improve my own ICM techniques and decision making. One thing I can pass on is to try all options (eg pan up, pan down, pan following form, try different shutter speeds) and hone in on what works for you. Be prepared for many failures......
In this case I followed the form on the distant mountains, panning I believe from low to high.

I set myself a bit of a project to study ICM, if interested you can check out results & progress on my website (projects and blog entries) for further information;