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Mik Pol's picture

Ripp Through

looked down from a bridge on the water and a rowingboat. Ripping the virgin waters, so to speak ;)

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Brian Jones's picture

Interesting photo. Just my thoughts, but have you tried a 16:9 crop or square crop and eliminate the tree reflections?

Mik Pol's picture

No , interesting. I Left the reflections as reference. But you raised a valid point :) thanks for your 2 cents ;)

Mik Pol's picture

yóu are right :) updated

Brian Jones's picture

Looks good 😀. As a growing photographer, just under 2 years in, I have been reminding myself to try different crops, on location and in post. It can certainly make or break an image.

Ruth Carll's picture

Hi Mike,

I Iove the color and concept here! The hard pointed shape in the soft fluid background works really well for me. I wanted to offer a crop suggestion. I read that you may have tried something already. My suggestion is regarding the placement of the boat - i find it to be too close to centered. It prompts the question ' was it supposed to be centered and it is just off?". I'd move it a bit more to the left so that it is definitely off entered. I also think the diagonals are stronger if they go all the way from left to right instead of from top to right. All this is picky because it is actually a very nice image. I can definitely see it hanging somewhere in my seashore home base. Nice work!!

Mik Pol's picture

Ruth , thanks for your input! and your compliment :)