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Ruth Carll's picture

Still Standing

Here is another pair of windows and a door from a different building from this past weekend. These are my favorite of the day. The cement was a wreck and was awesome! It was just melting with age. The colors and textures are so rich and varied.

Feedback welcome!

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Joe S.'s picture

Really enjoying this series of photos... I use to live between abandoned mill buildings... Okay that sounds bad but it was a normal house I was in.. Just in a unique location. These images are bring me back to those days of youth.

The history of these buildings must be amazing, and it shows in the imagery.

Ruth Carll's picture

Thanks Joe! Unfortunately for the economy but a boon for local photographers, my area of New Jersey has three huge abandoned military bases. Every corner of them filled with mystery too! Glad these evoke memories for you. That's a win in my book!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Like, Joe, I'm enjoying this series of yours a lot, Ruth. The second one's the stand-out here for me; I think the composition is the strongest. It has just the right amount of that beautiful indigo of the door, with its mysterious-looking shadings, and its relative softness, playing off against the vivid and bold patterns of rust & efflorescence on the wall.

Chad Corbin's picture

The oranges and yellows contrasting with the blues are beautiful. As a subject matter, I find the decay of things manmade really interesting. Simple (in a good way) compositions, but with so much going on. Great work!