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Rod Collett's picture

Converging Lines

This was taken in a monastery in Carillon del Condes in Spain.

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krohenzo's picture

Nice shot. And what a beautiful place btw.

Rod Collett's picture

Thanks Paul. It is beautiful isn’t it.

This is pretty cool Rod .. great perspective

Chris Jablonski's picture

Nice work, Rod! You've made the most of all those lines everywhere! Quite a building. Those shutters are pretty interesting.

Ruth Carll's picture

Hi Rod! Welcome! I agree with the others. However, i want to suggest a crop. If you trimmed the edges off the right, left and bottom like below, you would really emphasize the abstract nature of the image. The image is nice as it is. This is just a suggestion for a different concept.

Looking forward to more!!

Rod Collett's picture

Thanks Ruth. Really appreciate your comments. Looking forward to sharing more photos.

Alan Brown's picture

I was actually holding back to see if others suggested cropping. I like this as it removes the distracting table etc.

Really nice image, I personally think improved by the crop.

Jeremy Martignago's picture

nice shot.
what about reflecting it so that both sides are the same..
give it more symmetry...
i edited it and cropped it a little.. just an idea.

Rod Collett's picture

Thanks Jeremy. Glad you like it.

Sandy Flint's picture

This is great. What a cool place. All of those lines could just be messy, but you got a great shot.

I might brighten the 2nd shutter from the center - camera right, so it's more balanced with all of the other shutters that open away from center.

Rod Collett's picture

Thanks Sandy. Your comments are really appreciated.