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Alan Brown's picture

Sea of Tranquility, movement #3

Just as I haven't posted in a while and was looking through some older shots.
This is a slightly different take on regular sea ICM works. Although simple. I do like the calm and serene mood this conveys (with perhaps a slight discord?).

All feedback welcomed - there's no right or wrong here, opinions appreciated whether from seasoned veteran or those new to the art.

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Robert Tran's picture

I like the mood and final product, however, I don't know that this type of scene does justice to the work that goes into your ICM. In ways, it almost resembles a shot of water with slower shutter.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Agree with Robert, Alan. The plain blue band at top is the clearest sign this is not a straight photo.

Ruth Carll's picture

Hi Alan,. I also agree with Robert and Chris. For me, there is something about the darker area at the top that draws my eye. When I cropped it out, I like the soft impression of the blue tones. Just a thought.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks for the comments. I find it intriguing that comments relate less on the impact of the image, and more on how much it relates to the ICM process.
I'm not sure I this is out of politeness - although that doesn't sound like Chris :-), or whether we have certain expectations of ICM images.
I can't say I disagree with what has been said, and truly appreciate the feedback.

Ruth Carll's picture

Interesting point. Hmmmmm. Must ponder.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Alan, Alan, Alan - you KNOW I'm always studiously polite, especially about what I think of the #@%& ICM process. Perhaps the image is a bit polite, inviting politeness in response from others. But I'm too polite to say that.

Alan Brown's picture

Ha - thanks Chris! I’d never have thought of that angle. I can safely say that this is the first time an image of mine has conveyed a ‘sense of politeness’.
Great idea, perhaps we should coin the phrase And start using it to describe others ;-)
I’ll politely agree with you on this one.

Always a pleasure to hear your insight

Tony Hetherington's picture

Ruth,....perhaps you could change the group name to...minimalism,abstract,experimental and polite !!!....just a thought 😁😁😁😂