Was fortunate to find this tree on a hill just outside Montreal. Sun was setting behind me so i had to hurry to get in position for this long exposure.. after “jumping” a fence i struggled another ~50m waist height in the snow - not for sensitive viewers:) but for this pastel sunset it was worth it.

Further experimentation with ME

I have just uploaded my latest experiment with multiple exposure images to my portfolio and thought I'd share with the group.

This is the result of 13 images taken walking in an arc around the front of the tree on the left. Images are selectively layered, blended and masked in Photoshop.Through experimentation I am finding that attention...


A detail of one of the exhibit at the museum. First colour image was processed in LR to histogram tones. Later it was converted to BW. Touched up to boost the grey.

I like the colour contrast and also the contrast in BW. Unable to decide precedence. inviting all opinion.

Lines at Play With Curves

Most of the time my clients are not interested in monochrome outputs but when they do it is so gratifying.
To my surprise I walked into the lobby of one of the firms I work for and they had this printed this image in very large format and installed on the wall behind the receptionist desk.
Made my day,

Restaurant shelves

I made these a couple of years ago in a local restaurant. I just liked the way the bright kitchen lights backlit the items on the shelves and the second shot gives a glimpse into the chaos in the "back of the house."