NEW GROUP "Technique of the Week" is HIGH KEY

Hi All - I have started a new group designed to challenge us to try new things. It is just for fun BUT participating can also lead to less burn out and learning new techniques. It is a weekly theme challenge called TECHNIQUE OF THE WEEK. This week is HIGH KEY. I hope to see you give it a try!

Thoughts on 'Solitary'

I'd like some quick feedback on this image. Once received I'll provide a little background.

All sincere feedback welcomed!

Update 6/30
Now I have received helpful feedback I'll provide some background. This was taken during a hike during a prolonged rainstorm. Although providing a wonderful backdrop the flat lighting did...

A little patriotic spin for the July 4th weekend.

I thought I'd play with a little red, white and blue this weekend.

This is water soluble suminagashi ink in water. I use this ink because of the very reason these images sometimes get constructive criticism about focus. That is that the ink is dissolving rapidly into the water and therefore has a soft, ephemeral and surreal look. The...

Fish-eye Tuba

Not looking for critique, just posting these as a point of interest.

After reviewing captured images of 4th July floats following the village parade I was surprised to find almost perfect reflections of the surrounding scene in the horn of a passing tuba.

Not something I would typically take (or present) but I think they hold...

How Having a Baby Changed my Photography (For the Better).

Greetings fellow users of the internet.

No one can argue that one of the biggest life changing moments one can experience is having a child. Gone are the days of freedom, both in terms of time and money; two things which photography can heavily require. However, this change in lifestyle doesn’t have to mean the end of your photography....

Minimal Maple for critique

An older image I've just updated. I'd love to hear thoughts on this - I personally like the simplicity and graphical nature but I can understand how others may view differently.

All viewpoints and comments welcomed - what do you like/not like, what improvements could be made (if worthwhile).

Most of all, I'd like to understand the...

(Some) Colors of Berlin #1

This image shows a very minor part of the 'Bundeskanzleramt' in Berlin.

The original photo was taken last year and heavily edited almost half a year later. I used a more graphical approach by pushing colors a bit the a unnatural feel, but also tried to kept the overall balance and didn't pushed them to hard. I also simplified the shapes...