Not a Cloud in the Sky

Harry the Rescue Dog was dragging me around the neighborhood and I slowed him down just enough to quickly snap this as the moon was lined up with the treetop. Everything was on auto, so I got a semi-reasonable exposure, but he started pulling me away for the nearest fire hydrant so I did not get a chance to bracket exposures. As a result, even...

Cosmic Ice Lily

On the suggestion of another photographer I submit this here in addition to the landscape /nature group.
As found in nature. No major editing. A water lily frozen in a pond. Natural lighting. The almost imperceptible flow of water in the pond and a slow freeze created this. I thought it looked like something out of the cosmos. Since it...

the young Oak

Just another experimentation using multiple exposures. I have been waiting for snow to capture some young Oak trees, selected as I wanted to see how their remaining browned leaves contrast against snow and a gray sky.
The result is more or less what I had envisioned - 24 images were taken and selectively blended in Photoshop.



In this picture I have "broken" the 1/3 rule. It was important to me that I capture a minimalistic mood with the tree and the foresight.
What do you think?

Rows and Flows of Angel Hair

So, this afternoon I was out walking Harry the Wonder Dog and carrying the camera (I'm sure some of my neighbors were wondering what that guy was doing taking pictures every time his dog stopped to pee) and I took a few cloud shots. Here are three different edits of the same image. The first one is the way it came out of the camera except for...

I Miss the Days

Hey everyone this is my bestfriend and he is currently going through a rough time mentally. He suffers from anxiety issues. This was a shock to me when he came to me for help. This is my favorite portrait I've taken so far. Please let me know how I can improve with my portraits.

Wind from the west

Took this on a very long exposure using 8 stop nd filter. In pse I inverted the colours. I love to create a surreal emotion in my work. Any thoughts please?

watchful mother

Just another experimental image for review. This one combines a number of images not only taken around the front of a monument but also at different focal lengths (keeping subject size/position constant) to build the effect.
After a number of failures this is the first in a series using this technique that I feel worthy of display....

ICM - beyond horizons

This is an image I've just added to my portfolio and a companion to a similar image, Mountain Flow which was posted earlier (I have included to allow comparison). Both rely on the same technique, applied in a slightly different manner in each.

By reviewing such images I feel I am starting to better understand the effects varying motions...

A water drop among snow flakes

I was out walking around in the snow when I noticed there was still a lone drop of water left on this blade of grass. I've always liked simplistic, minimalist shots that give a sort of fine art feel. Let me know what you think.

The Magic of Paju

I had the fortune of spending some time in the small the city of Yadang in Paju (just north of Seoul). I was there for a wedding, but I was able to get out for a few hours to capture some images I'd been looking forward to since being invited to the location.

I've now been to Korea 4 times, but I'd never been as excited to explore an...

The next "life"

Minimalism : want to set the mood of introspection as you stand still and look ahead to a certain uncertainty . you will leave this life with nothing yet gaining a lot depending what you believe in.
(but please correct me if im way off topic)