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Looking for a Helping Hand

Hi All,

I have been quiet lately because we had a crisis with our house. We'll be out of it for about 5 months while it is repaired. I don't want to abandon this group without a moderator but I need to focus on the rebuild (and work and life and...). You know how it is!!

I would love to have someone volunteer to become a second...

lakeside view - new ICM group announcement

Here's a slightly different ICM technique I've been trying to deconstruct. It involves moving the camera not as the image is being shot but in between multiple images as the position is changed. Pioneered by Pep Ventosa this technique can involve 30-40 images taken as the camera moves around the subject, then layers blended in Photoshop....


I shot this image on my first visit to Niagara Falls. I took a lot of photos that day and ended up with a nice chunk of images that I am proud of. I have a few that showcase the entire area and other aspects of the falls, but this is one of my favorites. It might actually be my favorite from that day. The horizon line is at the edge of the...


I was shooting a close-up of a bonfire and capturing the shapes of the flames. This happened. Hopefully the picture is misnamed.

Happy Mistakes

I accidentally hit my camera in the middle of a long exposure shot and got this beauty. please give me feedback on this shot and should I sell prints of this and where should I go to sell prints?

First post

Hey everyone I love seeing all the experimental photos here so I figured I'll post mine here too! Let me know what you think!

Landscape in south of France

Alan Brown adviced me a YouTube channel, ICM by Andy Gray. Such an inspiring work for me. It was like if it was what I was looking for. So, it permited to go further to my goal.
Last sunday, I went in Provence (South of France). I threw an eye to a village located on and around a hill. With this image, I tried to summarize what's Provence...

Alright another try ....

So I'm at the shore headed out for sunrise and waves. However there is a blanket of fog and i can't see more than 50 feet, so i figure ill try this ICM thing that everyone is talking about.
I decided to use the blue hour tones against the glowing street lights on the path above the shoreline.

More ICM for review

I have toyed with ICM in the past but have been inspired to learn more after discovering such great works.
I definitely need to hone the technique and discover what works for me but here are what I feel are some fairly successful attempts.

As always, I'd love to know what others feel - do you like any/all, do any particularly...

Big flamy fish in the sky

Yesterday I saw this imaginative cloud at sunset. I did some - rather aggressive - post on it, this is what it became ...

Mind you, I only altered colors and crop, not the shape.

Any feedback, critiques very welcome !

In the moon light

Recently it was my mum and dads wedding anniversary so I made a photo for them.
I don't really know where to post this I think this is experimental enough... right?
I superglued the seeds to a stick which I put on some moss. the moon is a torch. the stars are fake. I painted them in. I put a radial filter on the moon...

A nightly stroll

A nightly stroll through Chiavenna, Italy. I had my Helios Zenit mounted on my Sony. My version of this lens is from the early 80s. My focus was laying on the bokeh. I really like the bokeh this lens is producing.

#1 View from the bridge
#2 Entrance to the Old Town
#3 The alley
#4 The fountain
#5 City flower...