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Hunter Chan's picture

Afternoon Clouds

Any thoughts?
Please tell what you feel rather than giving an analysis.

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Matthew Lacy's picture

I like the first one a lot better. It gives me a sense of scale and wonder. The second one, not so much.

Hunter Chan's picture

The second one has sharper clouds. That's the only reason I allowed it into my portfolio :)

Alan Brown's picture

I like your style Hunter (ie feel rather than think....). The first appeals more to me, I'm not going to question why :-)

Hunter Chan's picture

It feels more......cinematic? Just a bit?

Troy Straub's picture

I like the first one better too. What they both make me feel though is an uncontrollable urge to clean my sensor and yours too.

Hunter Chan's picture

Hahaha......This is hilarious! I added a set of dust as an image layer in post so the clouds would look sharper. And......by the way, if this gives you an uncontrollable urge, then my portfolio would drive you crazy :-P

Troy Straub's picture

Added the dust in post that's an interesting way to do it. I've always done it in camera. When I toggled between the pics. The dust really jumped out at me when the pic changed but the dust stayed the same.
I just looked at your profile interesting stuff and definitely part of your style.