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Chloe Kramer's picture

Border Collie Eye Experiment

While playing around with my dog one afternoon, I had the idea that maybe I could make a cool photo from her face and another eye. So I started the struggles getting her hold still while I took the photo. However, compositing the two pics together proved to be a challenge. Any CC welcome.

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Matthew Lacy's picture

You did a good job of compositing the scene into the eye. I didn't even realize at first that you completely changed its shape. That said, I'm not sure the final result is anything very good. I am drawn immediately to the eye, but once there it is oddly of a lower resolution which detracts. The rest of the image is super crisp, while the image you composited is super vague, so that didn't work very well.

Chloe Kramer's picture

I hadn’t even noticed the difference in quality. That is definitely something I will work on.

Alan Brown's picture

Great job compositing Cloe, although I find the 2nd image somewhat disturbing for some reason.

It's always fun to experiment and hone your talents - keep playing!

Chloe Kramer's picture

I could see the second one being disturbing. I like how the eye pops, but at the same time the eye starts to look like it is looking at you.