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Pep Version II

I finally managed to get the computer to work out and export a version of the Snowy Pep. This one was fairly late into the editing process, but I hadn't quite gotten the layers the way I wanted them to look. It was fortunate that I did export, as the program stopped responding shortly after.

The first image is the exported copy. The second is an edited version of the first. I'm not happy with the lighting in either, but I'm still not sure where I went wrong. The original version came out very dark for some reason. if anyone could offer suggestions, I would much appreciate it.

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mikeo's picture

Hi Alan, can't offer much in the critique department but i will say that I prefer the second image...

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Mike, it is valuable to get input from all, even those that do not feel qualified to offer critique.
It is often the input of the least qualified that is the most important, as these are often the result of initial reaction and the least burdened by the knowledge of 'rules'.

Everyone with a set of eyes has an equally valid opinion, the only wrong one is one that is left unexpressed.

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Hey Matthew - I especially like that some of the surroundings is included in these.

The first seems to have a reddish tint and edges could be reworked to remove the signs of overlap.

As for lighting, was it an overcast day? Otherwise I am not sure if your software provides blend mode options between layers, but this can make a great difference.

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Hi Matthew, the biggest thing I have noticed is the weird coloring in the tree in the second image. I’m not sure if you brought the shadows up or just the way the layering of your software worked, but it almost makes the image look broken up rather than one piece in my opinion. I would see if you could bring some more color through thought with some saturation though. It seems flat.

Otherwise, I really enjoy this photo. Nice work