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Flaming Wolf

Struggling with this guy. I love the image to pieces but I'm struggling with the 'wolf's' head being blurred. A couple questions: 1) Am I being too anal in thinking this issue ruins the image? 2) Sharpening Software. Never used any, so do they work? If anyone has experience with any, which one would you recommend?

All comments appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Bruce Grant's picture

No I don't think you're being too anal because to me the blurriness does take away from the image. What did you use to edit this? I've had some success using the smart sharpen tool in Photoshop.

John Zunski's picture

Used Lightroom to edit. I didn't attempt PS yet, had read that some people had meh results with PS, which sent me looking for reviews of other products. I will give it a crack and see how it works. Thanks Bruce.

Alan Brown's picture

As the 'wolf' is the centerpiece of the image then being blurred definitely detracts from it. At the end of the day though the primary importance is that you (yourself) enjoy it.

I doubt any sharpening tools will get you where you want to be but you may see some improvement. Good luck, and be careful not to over-sharpen.

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