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This is what I see out my kitchen window while I'm eating my breakfast and is the edge of Ground Level Tango, for those who have been playing along.

I had a light day and was catching up on older images I'd tagged but never processed. I thought it might be interesting to compare more than one edit of the same picture.

I shot this during a snowstorm (duh!) this past February. #1 is the original NEF file simply converted to a JPG and shrunk. #2 is the edited color version, straightened, color corrected, and slightly cropped. #3 is the B&W version, which is the color version converted to B&W with slightly more contrast.

What do you think?

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Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Andrew.
BW: in my opinion.
CONTRAST: Between 2 and 3. with a little more play of light and shadows. could be in post also.
COMPOSITION: Cropped well. could be with less chaotic elements to hold the vision at the play of branches.

Dg9ncc /portable's picture

Hi Andrew!
For me in general a bit too busy the image. What the the message you want to convey? I hardly find a point to rest looking into the shot.

Talking about the contrast, I prefer no. 3. It looks like the strongest one. And I agree with Vijay, the left trunk suffers on lack of texture. Lifting a bit the shadow might help here.

Stay safe, dg9ncc