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Snow Willow part 2

Okay, so we finally got more snow... and lots of it. As per my earlier post I was hoping we'd get a bit more before Spring hits so I could use the storm to try and isolate the tree and background a bit better.

The final series of shots were taken with light snow falling. I have included the original blended image plus today's image in the snowstorm as a comparison.

Just as an FYI - I took shots later in the day when the snow was heavier. This was much more challenging as snowflakes were of course captured as they fell in front of the lens.

Comments if/as you see fit. I'm just adding here so folks get an idea of what a backdrop of snow might offer.

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What a difference! I really like the backdrop in the second one much better than the originals. It is gorgeously stands out against a more faded horizon.

Completely agree, and it looks more dreamy also !

Thanks Ian. I think I took more shots taken in the new version (the original was just a trial run). The additional layers/angles help create the 'dreaminess'.

Thanks Jennifer. In this case I think perseverance did actually help.