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Porto reflections pt. 2

Trying to show something different each time.

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Really nice series Charles. I love #1 with that pop of color set against the monochromatic environment, and the inclusion of the human elements.

I also appreciate the simplicity of #3 with the widows acting as frames for the reflections.

Least favorite is the business in #5 & #6, but I do appreciate the connection between the 'Green Indie' signage and the plant life reflected.

Thanks. On the first one, I was on the other side of the street, when the pop of that reflection definitely caught my eye. I never noticed the green connection. It might also be a bit too busy. I probably should have formed them into one panorama.

I totally agree with Alan. In #1, which I like the most, I was somewhat thrown of at first, thinking those lines were tramrails .. Later it dawned on me what they really were.

Good job !

These are great reflections, Charles. In the first one, the lines from the reflection plus the vibrant colors of the wall art provide a sense of the busyness of city life contrasted with a relaxed, monochromatic neighborhood within that city. The third and fourth are keeping with your theme of we can't avoid chaos in life, but we can try to contain it. You did it wonderfully with the lines, borders, and colors. Even though 5 & 6 feel busy, they still have a sense of blocked organization of the busyness. I love the drama of the light and shadow in #2. This was fun. Thanks for posting these.

Great, I'm glad (all of) you enjoyed these. It means a little more when fellow photographers do!