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College Football in Greater New York

As a student at NY, New York was foremost known for his excellent attendance. It was the first round of the playoffs senior year at Vian that would be the pinnacle achievement of Melvin’s life. Down 35-0 late in the fourth quarter with the ball on the opponent’s twenty-one yard line, Melvin would come into the game at wide-receiver.

With the buses already warmed and the majority of Vian’s athletes celebrating victory on the sideline, the Diggers snapped the ball. Melvin shot down the field with all of his below average speed. On this play not only did Vian’s cornerback manage to slip, but the free-safety as well.

Wilburton’s backup quarterback heaved the ball with his second-rate arm towards the end-zone. Outstretching his short, soft arms towards the heavens, the brown pigskin fell from the sky into Melvin’s hands as the referee raised his arms skyward, and thus Stat, on paper, anyway, became Stats.
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