Motocross of Nations - Grit

I recently covered the Motocross of Nations at Red Bud Raceway where Team France took their 5th straight championship but Italy came in a strong second. It was muddy all weekend, which caused riders to ditch their goggles midway through the race and race without eye protection.

It's Cricket Season in Australia

Footy has finished and now we are into cricket. Here are some pics from my archives of a test match between Australia and India in 2014 at the Adelaide Oval.For those who like Cricket and also sports photography.

Street Skate

This was a night shot with a single speedlight to highlight the skater.

Camera settings:
Sony a7r2
21mm Voigtlander f4 (not sure what aperture since the lens is manual)
1/400 sec
iso 800

From my Aussie Sports Archives

AFL is the biggest code of football in Australia and this weekend sees the Grandfinal between Collingwood and West Coast Eagles. There will be a huge crowd. You can probably catch it live where you live. As a young person I played this code but not at this level. I also played cricket which is an international sport.I intend to start posting...

Keep Pushing

When I started thinking of capturing motion, I like to add some simple element to enhance the frozen images. For this particular shoot, I used baby powder as well as speedlite at the back. Here is the final image, and I am happy with the result!

The Moon Walker

Hi Folks, I am new to this group. I love dancers and to shoot them. I also always had this idea of a photo of spiderman on a wall. I mixed these two ideas asking a friend who is a Breack dancer to do a move for me while his friends threw about 50 liters of milk on him at once. We did it in the parking lot of my housing scheme. it was quite a...

Fake panning effect

I took this photo of a woman running a marathon. I exaggerate the panning effect in photoshop to make it look more interesting. Is it too much?

On Guard

Nikon D5 with a Nikkor 24-70.

Taken during my first time shooting professional boxing. Was looking for something a bit different outside of the usual "hard hit" shot.

College Football in Greater New York

As a student at NY, New York was foremost known for his excellent attendance. It was the first round of the playoffs senior year at Vian that would be the pinnacle achievement of Melvin’s life. Down 35-0 late in the fourth quarter with the ball on the opponent’s twenty-one yard line, Melvin would come into the game at wide-receiver.



Hey Everyone! I'm an equine sports photographer(Western and english pleasure, reining, jumping, dressage-I've shot almost every horse sport).
I would love some critique on my action shots please!

Hi, I’m new to this group

I like capturing sports because it’s pure photography. Rude weather conditions, no preparation, no second chance, no ones helps you, it’s just you and your subjects. The pictures go straight out of your camera onto the server of your agency. Pure action and pure emotions, your “models” are real people in a real world. I hate it when it rains or...

Track and Field Hurdles

When I saw this photo on the camera's LCD screen I was so excited. I knew it was the best I was going to get all day. It's one of those photos where I felt like I was only going to ruin it in postproduction — but hopefully I didn't?

Personally I love the lighting, which was a huge system more appropriate for lighting cars in studio....