Flat Track motorcycle racing

Hi all!

Haven't really seen any flat track moto-racing photos so I thought I'd post some as a part of my intro!

The biggest challenge at these events: motion blur/panning. It's risky because you might miss out on a good shot but well worth it! Anyone have that same dilemma?

What are your challenges when it comes to shooting...

Track and Field Hurdles

When I saw this photo on the camera's LCD screen I was so excited. I knew it was the best I was going to get all day. It's one of those photos where I felt like I was only going to ruin it in postproduction — but hopefully I didn't?

Personally I love the lighting, which was a huge system more appropriate for lighting cars in studio....


Hey Everyone! I'm an equine sports photographer(Western and english pleasure, reining, jumping, dressage-I've shot almost every horse sport).
I would love some critique on my action shots please!

Weight Lifter and Gym Portraits

Hi - I am often asked to take some portraits in a local weight and strength gym for various promotional uses. I want to step up my game a bit, and would love a critique in order to find new ways to show off this type of training. I prefer to go for a hybrid of portrait and action at the same time. I have a good studio strobe set up, and can...


GB Rowing team member and Rio Olympics silver medallist Vicky Thornley getting ready for a training session at the national training centre at Caversham, Berkshire.

Canon 5D Mk3, Canon 85mm f/1.8. Edited in Lightroom 6.

As ever comments on how to improve this - especially in the edit - gratefully received!

First time shooting baseball

Hey everyone, I have almost a year under my belt taking photography seriously and shot my first baseball game last week. I played the game through college and spent just as much of life working up to umpiring college baseball, but now it's time to sit on the other side of the fence.

I was only able to stay for the first three innings of...

Cycling shot

Hi everyone,

New to the group and working my way into outdoors as well as my indoors studio work.

Feelings, C&C on this shot ? target was commercial cycling shoot.

Many thanks for your feedback.


RAW vs. JPEG and artifacts

I just got my first Nikon (D500) to try to get better photos in low-light (indoor volleyball.) I am aware I also need to work on my technique and post-processing a lot, but I was able to sell my Canon 70D well and found a great deal for the Nikon, and wanted to try something new...

With Canon I was only shooting raw, with 85mm f/1.8...

San Diego Padres

I've had the privilege of being a San Diego Padres season ticket holder for a few seasons. I finally decided to take my camera and get shots of some of the players when I'm able. I'm still learning and growing. All feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

Let's take this sucker to 11!

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I will be the new moderator of the Sports Photography group. My hope is that, over time, we can really build this group up as a place for sharing your latest work and getting constructive feedback. I'll be doing my best to check in on the group daily and offer my own feedback on any images posted...

Got some practice in!

Finally put a shoot together with a few athletes from my old high school! Really happy with the results. Anyone else like using the low angle light in front of the subject? Also got lucky I had the right color blue to gel the mist!

Keeping it fresh

If you are shooting sports for work or even just for fun. There is a chance that you will eventually be shooting the same things over and over. Does anyone out there have interesting tricks to help them keep it fresh?

I like to give myself little themes or targets to try and capture when there is little or no action going on. For...

Help-Question on 7D mk ii

Hey all, I've noticed this more often now especially after watching a video on youtube that pointed it out. But I wanted to ask on here if anyone knows what this is or why its happening and if there is a solution. I have noticed that the focus on my subject is not always sharp even when I know its right on, I don't think it is my lens as my...

G'day from Australia

Hey Guys, a brief hello and a few pics to inroduce myself...

i'm a press photographer from Western Australia, been in the game nearly 9 years now, had some success along the way but hopefully more to come.

thought i'd share a few pics from some sports the US folk may not be so familiar with.

i'm keen to help others learn...