2020 Basketball

2020 has not been a great year for sports photos so far, but here are the photos I got before the shutdown. Some of...


A kind of "power" shot of some of the team of Williams Martini Racing in Budapest during the Hungarian Grand Prix in...

Football Portraits

Any feedback will be much appreciated. I just started taking this style of photos this past season. I really enjoy it...

San Diego Classic Rowing Regatta

Shot Apr 2019. Most of the shots were inland. In hindsight, I should have tried to do more on-water shots. All I had...
Last: March 5, 2020


Basketball is one of the sports that work the most. Occasionally, when work permits, I experiment with angles, frames,...

Testing your limits

Recently got to work with New Zealand Strongman series with them hosting the South Island Log lift and Deadlift champs.
Last: February 25, 2020

Road to glory

Hello, last year I got a chance to shoot for the first time a sports event. I learned many things from this experience...

And off Lance went

Nikon d7200 with Sigma 18-35 (I cannot rate that lens high enough, highly recommend it) Budapest GP Qualifying 2018
Last: January 14, 2020

Sport Themed Still Lives

Hello All, I am new to this group (and Fstoppers in general) and wanted to share what I am working on. One project I am...
Last: January 7, 2020

Football Season!

I have not been very active on social, especially on Fstoppers! Trying to make a change to that! But want to make a...
Last: November 18, 2019

Ironman Swim

1st time posting on Fstoppers, Thought id go with some recent images from shooting at Ironman Wales in the uk. I raced...

Track Cycling in Berlin

Hi everyone! I'm new in this group and shot the pictures a couple of weeks agi with my recently bought Sony a7 III and...
Last: October 16, 2019

Shooting Lax

Anyone have any advice on best angles for shooting lacrosse? I took some shots at my son's club lacrosse tournament...
Last: September 10, 2019

Friday Night Lights are back.

It's finally back. Getting ready for those fall Friday nights.

Stockton ports baseball

I took these last weekend at a baseball game for a local team
Last: August 24, 2019

Boxing: December 19th Turning Stone Casino

A few photos from the HBO Boxing After Dark show at Turning Stone Casino in Verona NY. Comments appreciated.
Last: August 20, 2019

First time shooting karting

Last Saturday I shot my first karting event and I am very happy with the results. I am looking to grow in shooting...
Last: July 29, 2019

Josh Bell sliding into 2nd base during a game at Wrigley Field.

I'm new to photography and post-production. I cropped this image and used Auto Tone in Lightroom. I messed around with...

Michael Phelps

I was able to shoot the Rio Olympics and this ended up being one of my favorite shots.
Last: July 18, 2019