Sport Themed Still Lives

Hello All,

I am new to this group (and Fstoppers in general) and wanted to share what I am working on. One project I am currently working on is a series of still lives based around sports. These are the images I have already taken. I would appreciate any advice, comments, or suggestions about these, as well as ideas for future shots.

Football Season!

I have not been very active on social, especially on Fstoppers! Trying to make a change to that! But want to make a change, here are a few shots from the first 2 UCF home games. Does anyone else shoot college or pro sports here? Would love to chat and CC always welcome.

Shooting Lax

Anyone have any advice on best angles for shooting lacrosse? I took some shots at my son's club lacrosse tournament. Perhaps I should spend more time behind the net?

Track Cycling in Berlin

Hi everyone!
I'm new in this group and shot the pictures a couple of weeks agi with my recently bought Sony a7 III and the Tamron 28-75mm. Any feedback is appreciated.
Cheers, Felix

First time shooting karting

Last Saturday I shot my first karting event and I am very happy with the results. I am looking to grow in shooting motorsports and I would love any thoughts on how I might be able to grow. Looking forward to hearing any thoughts.

Group with specific focus on extreme sports

So I've started a group to focus on extreme sports. The name is Bmx/skate. There's just a very different approach to these specific sports. What these communities think is appealing to see is looked at as completely wrong for others. Most of the difference is in the way of composition.
I just wanted to extend an invitation to anyone that...

Street Skate

This was a night shot with a single speedlight to highlight the skater.

Camera settings:
Sony a7r2
21mm Voigtlander f4 (not sure what aperture since the lens is manual)
1/400 sec
iso 800

On Guard

Nikon D5 with a Nikkor 24-70.

Taken during my first time shooting professional boxing. Was looking for something a bit different outside of the usual "hard hit" shot.

And the Biggest Photography Event 2019 Peeps in

Finally, the day 26th March comes when the biggest photography show of UK steps in. It will be continued till 29th March and it looks like a great opportunity for the photographers and video-makers to expose their skills and witness the enormous world of photography. Starting from the professional photographers, manufacturing exhibitors to...