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Weight Lifter and Gym Portraits

Hi - I am often asked to take some portraits in a local weight and strength gym for various promotional uses. I want to step up my game a bit, and would love a critique in order to find new ways to show off this type of training. I prefer to go for a hybrid of portrait and action at the same time. I have a good studio strobe set up, and can...

Group with specific focus on extreme sports

So I've started a group to focus on extreme sports. The name is Bmx/skate. There's just a very different approach to these specific sports. What these communities think is appealing to see is looked at as completely wrong for others. Most of the difference is in the way of composition.
I just wanted to extend an invitation to anyone that...

Street Skate

This was a night shot with a single speedlight to highlight the skater.

Camera settings:
Sony a7r2
21mm Voigtlander f4 (not sure what aperture since the lens is manual)
1/400 sec
iso 800

On Guard

Nikon D5 with a Nikkor 24-70.

Taken during my first time shooting professional boxing. Was looking for something a bit different outside of the usual "hard hit" shot.

And the Biggest Photography Event 2019 Peeps in

Finally, the day 26th March comes when the biggest photography show of UK steps in. It will be continued till 29th March and it looks like a great opportunity for the photographers and video-makers to expose their skills and witness the enormous world of photography. Starting from the professional photographers, manufacturing exhibitors to...


Lighting conditions are very challenging inside a bowling alley so I'm experimenting with a slightly grunge feel and heavy blur effect to direct the viewer's eye to the subject. Comments and useful feedback always appreciated.

Why College Football Does Not Need A Playoff

The discussions and arguments begin at the end of the regular season. Why we need a college football playoffs. We hear everything. The non-qualifying conferences are not included. A team that deserves to be in the title game gets left out. We also hear that the reason that there should not be a playoff is because of the great tradition in...

Some critique and some feedback?

so i shot bunch of photos few months ago during a school sport event, and here 2 photo that i think were the best, what do you think about the photo? i know i'm still a beginner learning, so my photos aren't perfect and still have much to improve. by the way the pics are taken with only a 18-55mm kit lens, so i can't get close, which is the...

need some feedback

hello everyone, i need some feedback with photos i taken, i'm getting serious learning photography in the last few years, but still wondering have i improved or not. please give some feedback and maybe some tips to improve what i lack at. thanks

*photos taken with d5300+18-55 af-p, i have no tele lens, so i have to do some cropping

Motocross of Nations - Grit

I recently covered the Motocross of Nations at Red Bud Raceway where Team France took their 5th straight championship but Italy came in a strong second. It was muddy all weekend, which caused riders to ditch their goggles midway through the race and race without eye protection.

Keep Pushing

When I started thinking of capturing motion, I like to add some simple element to enhance the frozen images. For this particular shoot, I used baby powder as well as speedlite at the back. Here is the final image, and I am happy with the result!